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Chr. Hansen

<tc>Vega Boost 250u</tc>

<tc>Vega Boost 250u</tc>

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The Vega line of cultures from Chr.Hansen are for dairy alternative fermentation, probiotics, and bio-protection.

Vega Boost LP/LH/PA: The culture is designed to be used as an adjunct, in combination with a Vega™ starter or probiotic culture, in the production of fermented plant-based alternatives. Vega™ Boost LP/LH/PA has been carefully selected for its potential to improve acidification time and have an effect on taste and flavor. The culture can be used as a single adjunct culture or combined with other Vega™ Boost cultures.
Composition des cultures Vega Boost Chr.Hansen


    Vega Harmony / Vega Mild / Vega Vibe: 500U / 2,500L (660 gal)

    Vega FreshQ 101: 250U / 2500L (600gal)

    Vega Boost LP/LH/PA: 250U / 1600L (350gal)

    Vega Nu-trish BB-12®: The rate of inoculation is according to the desired probiotic cell count desired in the final product





    Storage - Shelf life

    12 months after production date

    Storage: -45°C

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