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<tc>Soft Product Knife</tc>

<tc>Soft Product Knife</tc>

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This professional knife effortlessly cuts through soft products. The knife is made of corrosion-resistant Japanese steel and high-quality plastic. Thanks to the handy BOSKA color concept, you avoid cross-contamination and always comply with strict HACCP requirements.

Knife made of corrosion-resistant Japanese steel

The blade (140 mm/5.5 in. long cutting edge) is made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant Japanese steel, making it extremely easy to cut attractive pieces of all your soft products.

Professional cheese knife for soft

This professional knife as an extra low blade. This ensures less resistance when cutting and less surface area for product to stick to. Soft products can be cut quickly and skillfully, with minimum effort and cutting loss.

HACCP Compliant Knives

HACCP food safety regulations are strict in the food industry. To help you comply, you can use the handy BOSKA color concept. The color of the handle lets you easily remember the type of product the knife can be used to cut: red for red bacterium product, white for white mold product and blue for blue 'cheese' product. Black is for general use.

Easy to clean after use

Hand wash the professional knife – part of the BOSKA 1896 collection – after use. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher, but we do not recommend this. If cleaned in the dishwasher, this can increase the risk of damage to the knife and the blade will dull more quickly. Dry the kitchen knives thoroughly afterwards with a kitchen towel.

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